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MCSA will hold its annual general meeting and appointment of new committee members for 2016/2017. Please stay tuned for details of this event. If you would like to be part of the committee members, please feel free to nominate yourself. Contact one of the current committee members for details of nomination, terms and conditions.

The 2016/2017 MCSA Committee Members


Wei Yee Soong

Vice Presidents:

Betty Lee

Sharon Chua


Pavani Paramasivam


Darren Song

General Committee:

Christina Yeow

Edwin Wong

Evelyn Yap

Jenny Koh

John Ong

Judy Ngei

Nermalla Khoo

Sean Choong


Hon. Legal Advisor:

Paramjit Budwal  (Barrister & Solicitor)


MCSA Past Presidents

2012 to 2014:

Christina Yeow

2010 to 2012:

Evelyn Yap

2009 to 2010:

George Chin


Malaysia Club of South Australia Inc. (MCSA) is a non-profit community-based organisation incorporated in South Australia in March 2010.

The club was formed by Malaysians and former Malaysians who are permanent residents in South Australia with the mission of bringing together Malaysians, former Malaysians in South Australia, and friends of Malaysians through educational, social, cultural and economic activities.

Since its inception, the Club has held regular functions for its members and has organised events, some of which were sponsored by the Adelaide City Council, the State Government of South Australia and others. The Club has also assisted and participated actively in events organised by the government authorities and other community groups. These events have been well attended and supported by local, state and foreign dignitaries, leaders and members of other communities.

The primary objective of the club is to promote and share the Malaysian ways of life to the broader community of South Australia, helping to promote and maintain greater friendship and harmony among Malaysians, former Malaysians and other communities as well as to foster a closer link between South Australia and Malaysia.

MCSA aims to  promote the beauty of Malaysian cultures, cuisines, festivals and also gather a pool of Malaysians (migrants, students, regular visitors) together. This club will cater for social, cultural, community and sports activities and also include a student membership (for students from Malaysia on a student visa).

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